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Shopping in Aurangabad is fascinating as the region is rich in the art and culture of several communities. The famous shopping zones of Aurangabad are Nirala Bazar, Cannaught Place, Paithan Gate, Gulmandi etc. Aurangabad has myriad number of shopping complexes and is able to cater to individual desire and needs.

Aurangabad is known for

Fabric - The beauty of Paithani silk sarees is legendary. So also the beautifully woven silk Himru and Mashru shawls, of which Himru is an age-old weaving craft of Aurangabad with a blending of cotton and silk. which gives a feel of satin.
Silver - Aurangabad is also known for its bidriware, the intricate silver inlay craft which was once patronized by the Mughals.
Semi-precious stones - One can find a wide display of jewellery made of semiprecious stones and decorative pieces in Auranagabad.Agate in particular is available in a variety of forms and shades.
Old Coins - Aurangabad is the place to look for old coins dating back to the Mughal period.


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Shopping Areas

Nirala Bazar is situated in the heart of the city; you will find branded show rooms here. Connaught Place is now becoming very popular place amongst young and slowly but surely making its presence noticed.
Aurangpura situated in the old city and it is a hub for education. You will find premium school, college, tuitions and books sellers' shops here. 
Paithan Gate Second best place for shopping of ready made cloths and shoes and few branded show rooms.
City Chowk as its name suggest, is the chowk (center) of the city, most of the festival and celebration held in the city chowk, near the chowk is Buddi Lane known for spicy and delicious foods (non veg) 
Shah Gunj is a biggest fruit and vegetables market in the city